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​Arch Lukas has always had a natural talent for teaching. Lukas, as the son of a teacher, understood the anguish of being forced to study subjects in which he had no interest. As a result, Lukas' ambition became to transform education into edutainment, revolutionizing the way children learn.

This ambition inspired the creation of Arch Legends, a fun and interactive Trading Card Game that incorporates educational elements.


Arch Legends web novel header chapter 2

As the class neared the shelter for Ether emergencies, they saw carcasses strewn before them. It was a horrific sight of body parts and flesh torn into pieces. Orion avoided looking directly at the gory scene in an attempted to prevent his mind from sliding into panic. 

Peach saw a man and woman embracing their child, lying on the ground near a bus stop. Her heart broke when it reminded her of her once-loving family. She began to worry about her own family’s safety and wished she could be home at this moment to protect them. 

Despite the casualties, there were no signs of Shadows lurking about. The thought of meeting another one sent a shudder down Orion’s spine. They were already treading on the tendrils of death and the sight signalled their demise could happen at any moment. 

“Stop! Up ahead!” shouted Lisa. The class turned their heads and saw on top of a building in front of them stood a beast with a large mouth, filled with razor sharp teeth dripping with blood. It was a Shadow, at least four meters tall, with the humanoid head and the body of a feline. Its glowing red eyes fixed on the group, mouth wide with malice and blood lust. 

The sudden terror of beholding a Shadow at such a close distance paralysed their bodies and minds. Its presence pierced into their souls. 

“Tanks!” Clement shouted. This word came out of his mouth without hesitation, as though it had a mind of its own. His training as a warrior helped him react quickly and instinctively. 

Just as those words were said, David and Lisa were already reacting to what they saw. The duo rushed to the front of the class in no time to form a defensive wall. 

“Shield!” shouted David and Lisa. Their Ether Amps glowed a bronze hue and a wall of light began to form in the air in front of the class. Bricks of light materialised and seemed to gather around their outstretched hands. 

The light bricks of light swiftly stacked and interlocked into a reassuring barrier. They had erected the Ether shield successfully. 

The Shadow observed their movement and its body began to glow and emit a sharp buzz as it tensed into a predatory position . 

Aadam clenched his teeth at the jarring sound coming from the shadow. He tried to concentrate Ether into his hands but found they were shaking from the sheer terror gripping his heart. 

The beast finished charging concentrated Ether in its body, its fur standing on end from the crackle of dense energy.


The roof of the building audibly cracked as the creature shot towards them from its position. A halo of dark energy surrounded its body. It raised its claws and in a flash smashed into the barrier with a loud crash. 

The Ether barrier cracked and bursts of light scattered in front of our eyes. The barrier thinned as the front layer shattered and dissipated into thin air. 

“Gaaaahhhhh” screamed Lisa as she crumpled to her knees. Blood gushed from her mouth. The Shadow’s strike had damaged the barrier and disrupted her Ether flow, sending shockwaves through her nervous system. 

David felt a painful jolt in his body. He managed to remain standing because Lisa’s barrier was layered in front of his. She had taken the brunt of the attack instead of him.


He saw her collapse and quickly made to support her. She was close to passing out. Anguish twisted his features as he stared at the Shadow looming over him. 

The rest of the class watched in horror. A tank’s defences were breached in a single strike from the Shadow’s claws. This had never happened during training. Their hopes dimmed like the broken pieces of Ether bricks dissolving into thin air. 


“Heal!” said Peach, as she placed her hands on Lisa. A white glow enveloped the both of them. 


Gumbie rushed forward and opened his spatial boxes to retrieve a potion for Peach. She fed the potion to Lisa gently, careful not to choke her. 


“Gumbie, our weapons!” reminded Orion. Gumbie nodded and opened several spatial boxes for the class. 


They reached into the boxes and took out a sword, two bows, and a shield. With the knowledge that another Shadow was pursuing them, they knew they had to fight. 

Lisa stood up shakily and raised her hands to activate her Amps once again with heavy breaths. Her Amp glowed with a dull light. She continued to give everything she had to reinforce the barrier even though she could barely stand.


“Are you okay?” asked David worriedly. “I will protect you all with my life! This is my duty as your tank!” he declared. 


Standing shakily, those words filled Lisa with conviction and gave her a wisp of hope, like glimpsing a candlelight in a dark room filled with despair. 

The Shadow began clawing and snapping at the barrier, angered by its failure to reach its prey. Panting heavily, it did not seem capable of another Ether attack right away. 

Instead, it growled and began to observe the two tanks, seemingly analysing where it should strike at them again. It lowered its body, as though preparing to lunge again at any moment.