Arch Legends web novel cropped featuring Zenobia

An Ether Disaster broke the world into parts, strewn across vast galaxies. 

Lost and alone in space, humanity developed the Arch Program to find their lost brethren through space and time. 

Threatened by foreign invaders known as the Shadows, Arch Warriors were trained to defend the human race. 

This is the age of intergalactic exploration, the age of the Arch Legends.


Arch Legends web novel header chapter 1

“They are coming for us! I don’t want to be eaten!!!” shouted Kalinda in despair. Tears welled at the corner of her eyes and a wave of bitter acid rose to the back of her throat from the thought as fear threatened to overtake her.


It was just a while ago when Kalinda and her team were going through their routine training to prepare themselves for this very un-anticipated moment.


Adrenaline pumping, calves burning, gut-wrenching. They raced forward at a speed where they could barely see a few feet ahead of them. The first-year class, White Onyx, pushed themselves with all their might, each step filled with deep insecurity, a desperate attempt to escape certain death. The flight, which lasted only a few minutes, felt like a lifetime. 


It was the age of the Ether. The world had fragmented in the Ether Divide Disaster. Space and time were ripped beyond recognition. Entire nations had gone missing into an unknown fourth dimension, lost for eternity.


Ether, a previously undetectable source of energy had seeped into the world. This cosmic force changed to all living creatures; changes that were never made known to humanity. Those with high affinity to the Ether were able to harness this newly discovered energy and benefit from newfound powers.


They are known as Arch Warriors.


The battle between good and evil runs through the heart of every soul, and with the birth of Arch Warriors came the emergence of Shadows  ̶̶  darkness in the midst of mankind. While some are benevolent, most of these mutants are violent and vile.



With the omnipresent threat of Shadows always lingering at the back of their minds, a day at the Arch Legends Academy begins with the Warriors training to their full capacity. Unwilling to ever submit to their vulnerability again, they each swore to protect their world from this menace.


However, despite the rigorous daily training to prepare and strengthen their bodies for combat, their pursuer showed no signs of falling behind. In the academy, the team pushed themselves day and night, far beyond their body limits in a never-ending routine. The relentless pursuer, a force to be reckoned with, got the Arch Warriors questioning themselves.


The class' Ether Amps were at maximum output. Their equipment was forged using galvanized metals and earthly minerals capable of channelling this cosmic force. Despite their mortal bodies gifted with superhuman speed and strength, it could not bridge the gap between Shadow and human.






Loud thumping sounds that echoed their pounding heartbeat began to close in on the class. It was deafening and it seemed the fear would overcome even the well-practiced Warriors.


It’s only a matter of time before they would have to face their greatest fears. Numbering at a measly ten, the Warriors were severely outmatched by the pursuing creature. They stood an extremely narrow chance of survival against the Shadow. They were, after all, only in their first year at the academy.


“Save your strength and keep running! The emergency shelter is just ahead!” shouted Orion as he tried to push his team while they ran.


He could feel his heart beating hard, desperate to keep up the pace. Gasping desperately for air, Orion could feel his breath getting faster and shallower. He could no longer feel the adrenaline from the run. Only a single-minded urgency to stay alive kept his feet moving forward. Flashbacks from the day the Ether ripped their world apart flooded through his mind as he raced towards safety. He wondered what would happen if any of them fell off due to exhaustion.


Sensing the class was nearing the end of their stamina, Eunice activated her Ether Amp. A bronze glow enveloped her hands as she channelled the Ether to create a strong gust of wind behind them.




A sudden gale from their backs propelled the class forward on their feet. The wind reduced air resistance tremendously, moving the air behind them to create an additional force to thrust them ahead.


“Gaahhh! Thanks!” Aadam's voice struggled to be heard over the howling wind. Within the rumbling gust, all that could be heard was his muffled voice.


Eunice smiled weakly as she struggled to muster the strength to keep running. Manifesting Ether while already fatigued was taking a toll on her petite frame. Large beads of sweat trickled profusely from her face. Her soaked clothes clung to her skin, revealing her slim silhouette and outlining scars on her toned body  ̶̶   the result of constant training and a constant reminder of her struggles over the past year.


“I’m right behind you, Sissi. We’ll make it.” Bernice breathed, in an worried tone. She knew her twin sister would do anything to save the team. Just the thought of losing her sister terrified her. It would be a pain so great she was not sure she could bear it. It would be worse than losing her own life.

Orion overheard the conversation between the siblings. He checked his Ether navigation map to estimate how long more Eunice could keep up. Suddenly, a glowing translucent screen appeared before him.


“Just six more kilometres from the shelter! Keep up the pace, we’ll be there in five minutes!” shouted Orion.